Investment Portfolio

Our investment portfolio includes technological startups with global potential.What sets them apart is the pursuit of being world leaders in their categories. is a platform created for data scientists – experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as their managers. Neptune allows you to monitor, compare and reproduce experiments and their results, allowing you to create better models faster. The founders of estimate that the use of their platform saves approximately 20% of data scientists’ time.
ongoing investment


CallPage is a system that enables contact with a potential client within 28 seconds. It works in the following way: the person visits the website, shows an interest in the offer and would like to ask additional questions. Thanks to the widget, a potential client gets an opportunity to leave their contact phone number. Later, the CallPage system automatically connects the customer with the assigned company representative and allows them to finalize the deal at its highest conversion probability moment. In order to create such a sales opportunity, CallPage has built a complex CRM system from where all contacts and relationships can be managed.
ongoing investment


StethoMe is an intelligent medical device that allows to control the health status of the lungs and heart at home. The electronic, wireless stethoscope coupled with a contactless thermometer cooperates with a smartphone, which, thanks to its artificial intelligence module, is able to discern irregular sounds that arise in the course of a disease. All one has to do is to place the device in the points indicated on the screen of the phone, and the further diagnosis will be made by StethoMe. The registered sounds and temperatures can be sent to a selected physician at any time – also using telemedicine platforms. StethoMe also allows for the precise monitoring of chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, such as asthma.
ongoing investment


Cosmose’s mission is to bring retargeting to 28 million offline shops owners to give them the opportunity to succeed and to help brands predict and influence consumers’ choices.


Tylko is a next-generation furniture company founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. They specialize in providing high-quality personalized shelves that customers can adapt down to the last detail. Tylko meet the needs of their unique spaces through the use of a intuitive online configurator and augmented reality application.
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